Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Master Piece : Indonesian Golok

Heres the story about Golok. Golok is name of knives and short swords originating from Southeast Asia, most notably from sunda indonesia

Sizes and weights vary, as does blade shape. They tend to be heavier and shorter than Machetes, often being used for bush and branch cutting. Having either a primary grind or an edgewise taper, the Golok is less likely to jam in green wood than the flat sided machete. Goloks are traditionally made with a springy carbon-steel blade of a softer temper than that of other large knives. This makes them easier to dress and sharpen in the field, although it also requires more frequent attention.

The Golok was made famous in Britain after the initial defeat of the British army by the Japanese during the Burma Campaign in December 1941.

The Martindale Number 2 Golok is the current jungle knife of the Special Air Service. Many currently serving soldiers prefer the older issue Goloks (which were made in Birmingham, England) to the recent issues (made in Africa) — but losing one's Golok is a Return-to-Unit offence, which limits a soldier's ability to carry locally sourced replacements. Common UK army slang for a golok is "tree beater".
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